Current articles and gallery shows featuring Deborra Marshall Bohrer's art, paintings and poetry.

Lipton Fine Arts - Sept. 2017

KETCHUM, IDAHO—Lipton Fine Arts presents new works by Deborra Marshall Bohrer in a solo show for Gallery Walk on Friday, Sept. 1, 5-8 p.m., in Ketchum, Idaho. Marshall Bohrer will be present for Gallery Walk, and her works will remain on exhibition through the end of September. Marshall Bohrer’s work is also on exhibition at The Community Library in Ketchum for its “Art in the Lecture Room” series, which is ongoing.


“I’m inspired at the amount of effort of work that Deborra does to produce a painting,” said Lipton Fine Arts owner Gary Lipton. “Priming, scraping and grinding with power tools and the almighty palette knife with layers upon layers of paint. When looking at the paintings, you can just see so much depth. The artistic visual description of her realistic imagery on the canvas is clearly a joyful wonderful outpouring of expression by Deborra. Her paintings express a stylistic resemblance of love and tenderness.”

Marshall Bohrer will show pieces from her Sandhill crane series and others and new works, “Scenes from the Hidden Garden,” inspired by her own gardens. Marshall Bohrer’s fascination with form and figure as well as years of skill and experience allows her to present the elegance of cranes and nature through her own style of painting, which is mostly performed with a palette knife. She will use brushes, her hands and mixed media, but she’s mostly crafting with a knife mixing it up between board and canvas for her surfaces.

 “When I started the painting the poppies in “Flourish,” it was the middle of winter,” she said. “It had dark colors, and it was harsh. It eventually progressed and the painting came out from underneath. I had to scrape back and forth all the time for that to happen. It’s really an important process of where I need to be in all my paintings.”

“Scenes from the Hidden Garden” is refreshing work amongst the day-to-day chaos for Marshall Bohrer. Her experimentation with flowers was a new challenge, as she did not know what form they would take. She says her style changed and became looser within this series, where a great deal of texture can be seen.

Marshall Bohrer has made Sun Valley her home for almost 30 years and her work has been featured in gallery shows in Sun Valley since 2009. She has experimented with many mediums including vintage car doors and metal along with her painting. Her work also exists within private collections across the nation and abroad.

Lipton Fine Arts is open Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by appointment.