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Moments in Transit

SUN VALLEY, IDAHO—Idaho artist and Sun Valley resident Deborra Marshall Bohrer presents “Moments in Transit” at ModArt Fashion and Art Gallery in Miami, Fla. with an opening reception on Friday, Jan. 26, from 5 to 8 p.m. with Bohrer in attendance.

            “Moments in Transit” is a multimedia exhibition, which represents Bohrer’s love of nature, Idaho and her fascination with automobiles. Through salvaged doors she sourced from vintage cars in Montana and Ketchum as well as at L L&L Classic Auto, one of the largest car yards in the U.S. in Wendell, Idaho, Bohrer has created vignettes on her view of the world and a few key people who are in it. The exhibition, which is comprised of nine doors and car parts and six paintings as well as a video on the making of “Moments in Transit,” offers a look into an artist and her process in an intimate and telling presentation.

            “I’m thrilled to have ‘Moments in Transit’ by Deborra Marshall Bohrer as she is a significant contemporary folk artist and represents what is happening in the contemporary folk genre today,” said Norka Martinez Luque owner of ModArt Fashion and Art Gallery.

“The Shepherds” Model AA Ford Truck 1933 - Paintings: Acrylic on board - 2018

“The Shepherds” Model AA Ford Truck 1933 - Paintings: Acrylic on board - 2018

The concept of the doors started when Bohrer first found one in an antique shop in Bozeman, Mont. many years ago. In creating “Moments in Transit,” Bohrer wanted to capture the past as well as show the romance of the automobile. However, she is also using “Moments in Transit” to show how the West needs to be protected and honored in the issues of the 21st century. Most of Bohrer’s art is impasto painting where she uses a palette knife to place layers upon layers of paint and color to present her subject.

            “My family was in the oil industry and my mother was the largest jobber, a wholesaler, in Kansas City,” said Bohrer. “My father was also an executive in the oil industry and held many positions in the oil business as did my grandfather. For me, it was the service station that has always been something I have held on to throughout my life, it’s where you took care of your automobile. Women were not allowed to work at a service station, but I would sneak out when I could to pump gas. It’s the end of era and no longer do people work and tinker on their cars as a daily function unless it’s a hobby or pastime. America’s history is linked to the oil industry as well as culture and glamour, which has created and supported many characters. I love characters, and it’s the characters who love cars.”

             A combination of found objects and doors, which are an homage to vintage automobiles, as well as paintings on a variety of subjects from western wild fires and Sandhill cranes to wild horses and sockeye salmon as well as all the characters, Bohrer has discovered while constructing “Moments in Transit” are all represented in this show.

            “Moments in Transit” will be on exhibition through March 23. For more information, visit For press or media inquiries, email Sabina Dana Plasse at


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