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Moments in Transit e-Booklet

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Dear Visitor,

The desire to exhibit Contemporary folk Art has been there since the impact of Purvis Young in my mind. So, in 201 8 FRIEZE New York I met Deborra Marshall Bohrer and her artwork attracted me to the point of taking the risk of shipping the heavy vintage automobile body panels all the way from Sun Valley, Idaho to Miami, Florida. ModArt is exhibiting art pieces inspired by the simplicity and majesty of a small and beautiful town, its folks, its untamed animals and nature. Welcome to a soft and beautiful journey in "Moments In Transit". A collection that is uniquely authentic and that is rarely found.

Wishing to be in snow covered Sun Valley, Idaho. Enjoy!

-Norka Martinez Luque
Owner & Curator
ModArt Gallery

"Art is the reflection of life that resides in all of us. It is the wooden spoon that stirs emo­tion. It calms the soul or curdles your blood. A piece of art can be a gentle friend, a stern companion, or a way to escape or revere "normal."

My paintings are a glimpse into the core of human perception with color and images that provoke thoughts and memories of the past ... and hopes that linger just our of reach in the future. Adding layer upon layer of color with a palette knife, brush or hand the depth of paint reveals the life of the subject. And then there is that wonderful moment of recogni­tion ...

“Ah .... there you are."